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Best Original Song Contest! - Anti-Industry
celebrating indie music
Best Original Song Contest!
Hi all,

This is cross posted in lots of music journals. I'll post it one more time in the beginning of August :)

I apologize in advance if I've already mentioned this here, I lost the list I was keeping so I don't spam people.

I run a website for indie musicians (www.anti-industry.com) and 90% of the services we provide are free. I'm a huge music fan - not a lawyer, businesswoman, promoter or anything. I wanted to put out a compilation CD of all the awesome artists on the site that was of high enough quality that it would not be thrown out when sent to colleges, radio stations and indie/industry labels, so we opened a contest.

This "contest" has a $15 entry fee per song, but you can enter as many times as you want. The money goes towards the prize pool and production (mastering, CD art, pressing, and shipping costs to the distribution). It's entirely DIY on my part. I'm trying it out this way since the last CD crashed and burned doing it 100% free - I think next time I will probably have a lower prize pool and lower entry fee.

So here are the gory details, please let me know if you have any questions/suggestions etc!


from www.anti-industry.com

Grand Prize: 1) $500 USD for best original song as voted by members of Anti-Industry.com, 2) Track slot #1 on the CD, 3) Two hundred (200) one-inch buttons courtesy Seatthole T Shirts.

Runner up: 1) Four (4) Anti-Industry tee shirts and 2) One hundred (100) one-inch buttons courtesy Seatthole T Shirts

Third place: 1) Fifty (50) one-inch buttons courtesy Seatthole T Shirts and 2) One order of 250 Black & White stickers from Contagious Graphics.

Entry fee: $15 per song, enter as many times as you wish. **ENTRIES ARE ONLY ACCEPTED THROUGH SONICBIDS. If you don't have a Sonicbids account, they are generously offering a discount of 66% on their 6 month accounts. You pay $24.95 to enter the contest AND for a 6 month Sonicbids account. The regular price for a 6 month SB account is $29.95 - you get it for $9.95. It lets you enter for free in many other events other promoters are having, and is a professional way to present your electronic press kit.

More details and all the rules are here.

Thank you everyone :)


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