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"It's one of those albums that moves me so profoundly, I don't think I've even done it justice in my review."

Blu Sanders - My Gemini Self

"I'd recommend this cd to anyone who appreciates music for what it really is: beautiful. "
By Kristyn Cunningham
email :: avaricemurony
Favorite Tracks:
>> Hold On
>> Come for Me
>> Don't Stop Loving Me Tonight

Blu Sanders has the voice of an angel and the soul of a tortured poet. A man whose lyrics and whose voice on "My Gemini Self" clearly portray a man with enormous heartache and passion for love and life. It's rare that I listen to this disc without dissolving into tears- and when it comes to my 3 favorite tracks? Forget it- I cry every damned time I hear them. And I'm not saying it's hard to bring me to tears; on the contrary, I'm an emokid who cries at good Hallmark commercials. But it's rare that I can be so deeply moved on every single listen.

One of the most poignant songs on the disc is "Hold On," a stunning, aching lamentation of old relationships and a chorus that urges listeners to hold on to what really matters in life- friends, family, happiness. "Savor every sweet moment, 'cause baby this is it." Tender piano and Blu's soft caress on the acoustic accompanied with vocals sung like any minute, he might burst into tears are what makes this song gorgeous. Blu's voice trembles delicately about the music, sometimes drifting into a choked whisper in a haunting, heartbreaking way I've never heard done quite so well before.

Another beautiful heartbreaker is "Don't Stop Loving Me Tonight" with lyrics that croon, "I wanna be your sailor lost at sea/I want your waves to crash and cover me." For a period of time, I was writing that any place I could find- including the fogged up window of my fiancé's car. Blu makes such aching pleas to this mystery woman that it strikes the chords of your heart instantly. I think it's a safe assumption to make that everyone has experienced the ache of a lost love, or a love that you'd do just about anything to hold on to.

Clearly, Blu's lyrics move me the most of any part of his music. If I could quote all his lyrics here, I'd be glad to do it and you'd all be better off for having read them.

Not every song on this album is dark- there are a handful of upbeat, driving, peaceful songs like "Get in the Car and Drive" and "Shining Through." But Blu's gift is reaching into you, pulling out your heart and soul and trampling all over it. But that ache is a good one, for each listen to the disc makes you fall deeper and deeper in love with his music. It's rare that you find a disc that is so bare and raw that it actually makes you feel you've been given a part of that musician's heart. And when Blu isn't singing about being lonesome, he's writing such beautiful poetry about the women he's with that you wish it were you he's singing about. "I feel lucky, I've finally found her/Ribbons of silver on pearlescent skin."

Every song on this disc is flawless. "My Gemini Self" is a must-have for any acoustic fan. Blu's heart pulses with every beat of every song and it couldn't be any more apparent. "I'm giving it up/Crying offkey/I'm falling apart/Are you still listening?" Few musicians are willing to truly bear the inner workings of their soul. I'm fairly convinced that if this album doesn't deeply move you on some level, you have no soul. And any disc that uses strings in such a phenomenally emotionally laden manner gets two thumbs up from me ("Come For Me" is the first song that comes to mind while I write this).

If I could give this disc a 10/5, I would. This is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. It's one of those albums that moves me so profoundly, I don't think I've even done it justice in my review. There aren't adjectives intense, passionate, aching, pensive, or powerful enough to describe how his music affects me.

By Alex
email :: fixedzero
Favorite Tracks:
>> Shell in the Sand
>> Ophelia
>> Don't Stop Loving Me Tonight

Blu Sanders mailed his cd, My Gemini Self, himself, as noted on the customs form and the "thanks alex!" on the back. Therefore, he got a million points from me before I even opened the envelope.

However, the music soon explained more about him than the note on the package did.I'll be honest; the cd took a few listens before I really got into it.The first listen, I made a 'meh' sound and was quite vocal about my discontent.Then I listened again. And again. And I realized that there was more tothis artist than I had originally thought.

The cd is well organized. The songs flow and they work together and nothing seems out of place. I hate Blue Star, the first song. Reminds me of Radiohead. Too much going on. If it were acoustic, it'd be fantastic. But alas. Not acoustic.Loved Wash it Away though. Reminds me of lying in bed dreaming of the person you love, Or sitting under a tree in autumn watching the world and everything good about it.Shell in the Sand is delicious. This song is the reason I bought the album. I wouldhave bought it even if this was the only song on it. This is the song every girl in the worldwishes that someone would write about her. The acoustics and his voice work so perfectlyin this song that you almost don't feel like you're listening to music. This song feelslike an inner monologue to me, someone telling a story and you're overhearing, someonewhispering a secret to you. This is the song that I could put on repeat and listen toover and over all day long.

Get in the Car and Drive is very different, a lot of drums and up beats but it's fantastic. As the title suggests, it makes me think of driving, orbeing in a car with the windows open. Brings a smile to my face. He does a fantasticjob of tying in the music to the lyrics, and it's just passionate enough to make youfeel what he feels.

love love love Come for Me. Blu Sanders is so sad and lonely. aww. Ophelia is lyrically, my favourite. He's certainly a fantastic writer. Although, Shining Through reminds me of another band... it might be Dave Matthews but I'm not sure. I like it, don't get me wrong. it's... head-bouncy. I made that up but you know what I mean.

Hold On is similar to shell in the sand, I think. It's good, but I can't reallysay I love it. Yet. I'm sure I will eventually. On the other hand, Don't Stop Loving Me Tonight made me sob. This song tears me apart.

All the Right Words is a perfect ending to the cd. It's simple, it's crisp and clean,and it reflects the sentiments that Blu sings about throughout the cd.

My main and basically only complaint about this cd is that it's slightly repetitive.I find that a lot of the songs, especially towards the end, sort of sound the same...However, I will admit that his lyrics vary enough that it's worth listening todespite any repetitive chords.

Reader's digest summary is this: Blu Sanders is lonely. This makes for some fantastic,simple songs that are both lyrically deep and musically poetic. I'd recommend this cdto anyone who appreciates music for what it really is: beautiful.

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From: olp1ma Date: June 13th, 2004 01:44 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: This is amazing

Glancing through the reviews and listening to the Shell in the Sand link, I must admit that he sound absolutely phenomenal. Amazing voice, beautiful music. This is what I live for when I listen to music.
juliekate From: juliekate Date: June 13th, 2004 07:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: This is amazing

Thanks for the comment :D Yeah he rules, man. It's overwhelming sometimes the talent that flies by.
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